Women's Leadership Forum 

Building an Engaged and Healthy Future
March 1–3, 2023 | Charlotte, NC

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Wednesday, March 1

Career Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions are only available to registered attendees. If you did not sign up and would like to participate, please check at the SACUBO registration desk. Coaching sessions are generously supported by Koya Partners.

Thursday, March 2 

A Conversation with Kourtney Gibson on the Challenges and Opportunities for Women Leaders

  • Kourtney Gibson, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Institutional Client Officer, TIAA
  • Undria StallingSenior Vice President of Business and Finance and Chief Financial Officer, Morehouse College (Moderator)

How can you leverage your unique talents to succeed personally and professionally, while staying true to your core beliefs and values? How are leadership expectations different for women in general and women of color in particular? How can you remain healthy—physically, mentally and financially—while attending to ever-increasing responsibilities? These are among the questions Kourtney Gibson, senior executive vice president and chief institutional client officer at TIAA, and Undria Stalling, senior vice president of business and finance and chief financial officer at Morehouse College, will explore in this intimate Q&A session.

Life is a Negotiation

  • Danielle Corrigan, Marketing Program Champion, Auburn University

Many of us negotiate for what we need on a daily basis: asking to work from home for a day, asking your partner to pick up the kids, asking family to come to you for the holidays. So why is it so hard that we as women still struggle to negotiate when it comes to salary?

Leadership Panel Discussion: The Role of Financial Wellness in Building a Healthy Workforce

  • Molly McCormack, Managing Director Client Relationships, TIAA
  • Shelly Eweka, Senior Director Advice and Financial Planning, TIAA
  • Maria Khader, Managing Director Enterprise Higher-Ed Relationships, TIAA
  • Anne Ollen, Managing Director, TIAA
  • Yogini Biswas, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, TIAA (Moderator)

The Great Resignation in the wake of the pandemic has affected employers of all sorts. People nationwide are leaving jobs they deem physically and emotionally draining for perceived healthier alternatives. As a result, enhancing your employees’ health and wellness can provide a powerful competitive advantage in a tight labor market. This panel discussion with five TIAA women leaders will center on financial wellness—which is crucial in its own right but also impacts physical and mental well-being—and what progressive employers are doing to create a healthy workforce. 

Taking the Next Step Panel

  • Beth Schaefer, Managing Director, Executive Search, Higher Education and Non-Profit, Koya Partners
  • Laurie Casteen, Senior Associate, Koya Partners
  • Graciela Dufour, Associate Vice President for Human Resources, Stetson University
  • Jamie Loftin, Assistant Vice Provost for Distance Education Administration, University of Arkansas (Moderator)

What are some of the ways you can position yourself for career advancement or a promotion? Owning your career development is an important step. Let’s talk about some of the ways you can prepare yourself for this next step in your career.

Living Life Without Limb-its!

  • Merlyna Valentine, Consultant and Author, Merlyna Valentine Consulting LLC

Living life to the fullest is about embracing opportunities, overcoming obstacles, and reaching one’s full potential. Ms. Valentine’s message serves as a powerful reminder that we all have the capacity to break free from self-imposed limitations and live with purpose, passion, and courage. As we all navigate the complex landscape of building an engaged and healthy future, her message is a roadmap for building resilience. Ultimately, when we live without limits, we are free to pursue our goals, to take risks, and to create the life we desire and deserve.

 Friday, March 3

Having Your Seat at the Table

  • Mary Alice Boyd, Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Administration, Queens University of Charlotte
  • Latrelle McAllister, Vice President of Administrative Services and Chief Human Resources Officer, Johnston C. Smith University
  • Dr. Mary Holloway, Vice President for Student Development Services, Midlands Technical College
  • Alexandra Byrnes, Director, Wells Fargo (Moderator)

In this session, the participants will have the ability to hear from three higher education leaders about their journey to having a seat at the table and some of the lessons that were learned along the way.  

Leading with Wellness in Mind

  • Dr. Sonyia RichardsonAssistant Professor, School of Social Work, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Leading with wellness in mind requires adopting a mindset that promotes and integrates our emotional and mental well-being as a leadership priority. In this session, the speaker will share her personal experiences of leading with wellness in mind in academia. In this interactive session, the speaker will guide attendees in applying mindfulness-based activities throughout the workday to promote self-care as an executive. Lastly, in small group discussions, attendees will discuss strategies to maintain wellness as leaders.

Women and Words: Finding your Voice and Your Leadership Language

  • Dr. Roslyn Clark Artis, President, Benedict College

Women work in offices, universities, companies, nonprofits and governments. We bring our talents to every area of influence, yet our authentic "leadership voices" are seldom heard.  The language of leadership is often highly gendered, resulting in limited opportunities for growth and professional advancement.  This candid conversation will explore strategies for amplifying the voices of women in leadership.