Spotlight on Volunteers


Raymond Abraham

Grambling State University

Number of Years in Higher Education: 12

Involvement with SACUBO: I started my involvement with SACUBO in 2011 when I began working in higher education with Grambling State University. I have attended many Annual Meetings and Fall Workshops. I served on the Community Colleges Constituent Committee for several years. For a part of that time, I was privileged to serve for three years on the Board of Directors first as the Chair of that Committee and then as a Member at Large representing Community Colleges. In addition, I served as the Audit Committee Chair.  

Working in Higher Education: What I like best about working in higher education is the mission..

When I am Not Working: I enjoy spending time with my family, including my pets. Presently, we have two French Bulldogs (Frenchies) who are the clowns of the canine world.

Decision to Volunteer with SACUBO: I decided to volunteer with SACUBO to give back for what I had gained by being a member of SACUBO and attending meetings. I have made many lifelong friends and met many fellow business officers during my time with SACUBO. Involvement has given me many contacts to reach out to in support of my position as Associate Vice Chancellor and Controller during my higher education career. You will not be disappointed if you volunteer. It has been life-changing for me. 



Jeff Mullen

Vice Chancellor for Finance
University of Arkansas Community College Morrilton

Number of Years in Higher Education: 9

Involvement with SACUBO: So far, I have only attended SACUBO Fall Workshops and Annual Meetings. But I look forward to serving on the Community College Committee. 

Working in Higher Education: I like working with the people – not only my colleagues that love what they do, but the students that we get to see work towards their goals. 

When I am Not Working: When I am not working, I enjoy watching sports and playing golf.

Decision to Volunteer with SACUBO: I volunteered with SACUBO because higher education professionals always seem willing to help other higher education professionals.  The eagerness to work together is something not found often, and whatever I can do to help share and spread ideas, I want to do that.


Beverly Santamouris

Controller and Treasurer
University of Louisville

Number of Years in Higher Education: 7

Involvement with SACUBO: I am currently serving on the Research Universities Constituent Committee which is my first involvement with SACUBO.

Working in Higher Education: What I like best about working in higher education is the diversity.  The university setting offers many differing operational activities including auxiliaries, research, hospitals, partnerships, etc.  

When I am Not Working: I enjoy being outdoors, live concerts, and reading

Decision to Volunteer with SACUBO: I want to make better connections with my peers at other universities and colleges and develop a network of contacts for knowledge and support. I hope others that are involved with SACUBO have the same goals.



Rick Wernoski

Senior Vice Provost for Business Operations
UNC Chapel Hill

Number of Years in Higher Education: 28

Involvement with SACUBO: I have attended conferences, presented at conferences, and served on committees. In addition, I see great value in the relationships I have built because of my involvement with SACUBO which allows for me to connect with colleagues from other institutions even outside of formal SACUBO programming. 

Working in Higher Education: I am motivated and inspired by working in support of UNC Chapel Hill’s mission of teaching, research, and public service.

When I am Not Working: You will usually catch me at field whether it be a baseball, lacrosse, football field watching my kids play or cheering on one of my favorites. Also, I recently started playing pickleball, so you will find me running around a court.

Decision to Volunteer with SACUBO: It was after my participation in the NACUBO Fellowship program that I started volunteering with SACUBO. I had met so many great people through that program with so much to share. I saw the benefit of continuing to build those relationships and learn from the many great minds that are in the academy. I would encourage others to get involved and share your experiences and learn from others. Although our institutions are different, we are often faced with the same challenges and opportunities.

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